Leadlight Angel & Fairy Suncatchers

Our Leadlight Angel and Fairy Suncatchers are created from original artworks by Intuitive Artist Tress Wilks.

The Story of how our Suncatchers come to life.

The Suncatcher - We start with a by selecting one of our Original Artworks, the image is enlarged then put onto the lightbox to be traced onto a new piece of paper. A second copy of the image is then made and laminated this image is put aside to be used when grinding the glass into shape. Next we pick out the colours and textures of glass we are going to use in creating the design from our stores of glass sheets and pieces and we make a note on our drawing so we know which colour is being used for which piece. Once we have done this it is time to cut the glass to shape, we do this by putting our first piece of glass over the pattern on the light box. The glass pieces are then cut out one by one using a special glass cutter and pliers. When all pieces are cut out they are then ready to be shaped on the glass grinder, it is a bit of a wet process going between the grinder and the pattern as each piece is shaped until it is the same as the pattern underneath so this is when we use our laminated drawing. Once we are happy that all the pieces fit together perfectly they are then washed and the edges are wrapped in a special Copper Foil Tape. After they are foiled it is time to solder them together using our trusty soldering iron adding jump rings and swivels to hang them from. They are washed again before adding a special acid blend called Patina, this is used to change the colour of the solder from silver to black or copper. Once the desired result is achieved they have their final bath, are dried and then polished until they gleam. The finishing touches are then completed by stringing them on 30lb fishing line and adding beautiful suncatcher crystals so they sparkle in the sun creating colouful rainbows as the light of the sun shines through them.


Please Note:  These designs are not to be reproduced in any way. They are Copyright to Tress Wilks