Handmade Agate Suncatcher Wind Chimes

Our Handmade Agate Suncatcher Wind Chimes are made using Natural and Dyed Agate Slices, Gemstone Beads and Faceted Glass Beads.

Each Chime is strung on 30lb Fishing Line for strength and durability.

When we receive our shipment of Agate Slices we sort through them to get three matching slices for each chime, once the slices are sorted then comes the task of choosing the perfect gems and suncatcher beads to show off the true beauty of each set of chimes. Next we drill holes into the wooden ring for the fishing line to go through. When all the holes are drilled the fun part begins and we start putting everything together to bring our wind chimes to life. A lot of love and time goes into creating each chime to make a perfect gift for someone special.